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HT Smartcast: Nandita Iyer, author of “The Great Indian Thali”, in conversation with Manjula Narayan

“Looking at a cookbook should take the reader down memory lane and inspire them to recreate the dishes,” says Nandita Iyer, author, The Great Indian Thali, which features vegetarian dishes from across the country. She talks to Manjula Narayan about foraged foods, and the great variety of vegetables and fruits in India, putting the spotlight on lesser-known foods and such wonderful recipes as amrood sabzi,

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Moin Mir with Alain Elkann

Moir Mir, author of The Lost Fragrance of Infinity, was interviewed by Alain Elkann for his podcast. He discussed his Indian origin yet being a multilingual in Farsi and Urdu, how he is an “obsessive traveller”, how his book connects to Sufism and who a Sufi is, among other topics. He also says, “I’m looking at the concept of The One and Unity, and how

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The House of Belongg – Madhumita Bhattacharyya

Madhumita Bhattacharyya, the author of Dirty Women, talks to The House of Belongg podcast about her journey as a writer, the trials and tribulations that led to the creation of Dirty Women, and the need for stronger women characters as part of her story. Listen to the podcast here. This series is hosted by Swati. Swati is a Social Design Practitioner, a researcher, and a podcaster.

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