We offer a wide range of publishing services to create bespoke and customized books for clients globally. Under our Showcase imprint we have published high quality books for individuals, corporations, and government institutions. Our dedicated team oversees the entire book making process end-to-end; from gathering information and visual content, commissioning text and photography, conceptualizing the book to fit the needs of the client, to editing, designing and production.

All families have a story and all stories are important. At Roli, under the Roots imprint, we help families research and record their history in a custom made book for future generations.

We undertake in-depth research and conduct detailed interviews, gather information, research photographic and other visual material to design and print a book on the family’s history.

In addition to books, we provide design services and create bespoke products for individual and corporate clients. These are ideal to use as gifts, mementos, souvenirs, corporate giveaways, and even wedding invitations. From notebooks, journals, diaries and note cards to trays, mugs, coasters and placemats – we have a vibrant range of products to choose from under our in-house brand designwallas.

Our Clients

These are a few of the clients for whom we have recently created fully customized books and products.

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