• Manohar Malgonkar (1913-2010) was born in a royal family, which had its roots in Goa. After graduating from Bombay University, he served in the Maratha Light Infantry. A big game hunter, civil servant, mine owner and farmer, he also stood for Parliament in the early seventies. Most of this activity was during momentous times of Indian history – the build up to independence and its aftermath – often the setting for his works.

    The socio-historical milieu of those times forms the backdrop of his works, which are usually full of action and adventure, reflective, in some way, of his own life. His works spans all genres from novels to biographies to history books.

    Some of them are Distant Drum, Combat of Shadows, The Princes, A Bend in the Ganges, The Devil’s Wind, The Garland Keepers, Bombay Beware, Inside Goa, The Sea Hawk: Life and Battles of Kanhoji Angrey, Chhatrapatis of Kolhapur and Dropping Names.

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