• Kumud Dwivedi is a passionate patisserie chef, baking sorcerer and equally keen food photographer. She generously shares her learnings from her in-depth studies, multiple food testing-tasting travels and various culinary experiences. Born to a Punjabi family in India, food was the centre of her life and dessert a necessary part of finishing a meal. As a young girl, she has distinct memories of happily helping her mother in her culinary chores but she always knew that there was more to discover. She spent her pocket money buying endless second-hand international food magazines sold on the streets of Delhi. Baking, especially western desserts, was a very rare art those years. She pored over the magazines and whatever she prepared was greatly appreciated by family and friends, though she distinctly remember times when some of the ingredients were not available and the desserts were inedible! This book is a collage of happy memories and a tribute to all the people she has worked with or learnt from, and the countless desserts she has eaten, offered and relished over the years..

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