• Aseem Vadehra was born in New Delhi in 1979. He started writing at the young age of 12, choosing to pen his fervent thoughts as poetry and prose on many a surface, including the walls of his bedroom. 21 years hence, this collection of stories is his first book. Aseem continued to write as he collected various degrees at several institutions (NIFT, Bhagat Singh College and Central St. Martins) but his most memorable time, although short, was a semester at the College of William and Mary in Spring 1997. After a brief stint as a costume designer (freelancing with Pradeep Sarkar and Roshan Abbas) followed by a year of study in London, he joined his family business of construction and interior contracting at the age of 22. Aseem regards the curiosity to learn as fundamental to all things human and furiously defends the right to mediocrity as the cornerstone of a beautiful life. He believes that if, whether by the hand of statistics and/or a bevy of Gods, one is fortunate to live a free life, then hard work and intense love (requited or not) are gifts to share. Writing, learning, running, and these days playing the cello, are his passions.

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