Just finished reading a wonderful book by a great man who I’m proud to call a friend today. I met and got to know him and his lovely wife Priscilla at a literary festival in Goa where we both featured our respective books some months ago.
His gives an insight into the workings, the courage, the discipline, the camradarie, the trust and the inter-dependency across ethnic and religious lines, and finally the ultimate sacrifices which go into the core of the vast family called The Indian Army. It is an eye-opener to every civilian like myself, and I strongly suggest you read it too.
Perhaps not so surprising is the account of how political interference stemming from indecision and lack of courage can hamper the Army’s performance, even causing its defeat in the battlefield. Not to mention the Government’s total disregard and disrespect for the disabled soldiers wounded at war, and their old practice of cutting their salaries and making them pay for half their own hospital bills – as though they were to blame for going to war and being wounded on our behalf.