Know your Author: Exclusive Interview with Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved, the group digital editor for Harper’s Bazaar India, Cosmopolitan India, and Brides Today, was Vogue India’s inaugural food editor. Her cookbook ‘Tiffin’ was featured in the New York Times’ ‘Must-Have Cookbooks for Fall 2018,’ and her third book, ‘Whose Samosa Is It Anyway?,’ is an Amazon bestseller. Her culinary words have graced esteemed publications like The Guardian, Saveur, Food52, and Thrillist. Her latest cookbook, India Local: Classic Street Food Recipes, celebrates the rich diversity of Indian cuisine, immersing readers in the world of street foods and chaats from across the country. From old Delhi’s bustling lanes to Lucknow’s charming alleys, Surat’s vibrant gullies to Darjeeling’s hilly thoroughfares, and Chennai’s curbsides, author Sonal Ved takes you on a cross-country culinary adventure. Join us as we explore the colors, flavors, and textures that define India’s diverse street food culture in this delectable journey with India Local.

We recently did a candid interview with the author.

1. What is the last book you read?

Insatiable by Shobha De 

2. A guilty pleasure?

There shouldn’t be any guilt in pleasure! 

3. Where do you write? Do you have a favourite spot?

Starbucks at Horniman Circle and my home desk.

4. What is a book that has stayed with you?

Oprah Winfrey’s What I Know For Sure

5. What apart from what you do today do you wish you could do or pursue as a career?

Cannot imagine doing anything else! 

6. Your greatest fear?

Forgetting my leftover parcel in the restaurant! 

7. A trait you admire in yourself?

My discipline

8. Who would be the guests at your perfect dinner party?

Ottolenghi, Oprah, Pankaj Tripati

9. A book you’d recommend to someone to get them out of a reading slump?

Oprah Winfrey’s What I Know For Sure. 

Rajan Kaushal

Rajan Kaushal

Rajan Kaushal

Rajan Kaushal

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