Tirumala – Special Edition

As a tribute to Lord Venkateshwara, and His devotees, Roli Books recently released a special limited edition of their new title Tirumala: Sacred Foods of God . This edition comes in a beautiful box with a drawer that contains three important components of the Mahaprasadam offered to Lord Venkateshwara. What makes it special is that this Mahaprasadam has been directly sourced from the highest authorities at the Tirumala Temple, and is not available outside the Temple. These three components are:

  • Yellow Rice (Akshata): The sacred yellow rice accompanying this edition is offered at the feet of Lord Venkateshwara, in a ritual called Akshataropana – Akshata is a way to receive blessings from the Lord.
  • Camphor (Ghanasaram): A paste of Ghanasaram is applied across the forehead of Lord Venkateshwara, and other avatars of Vishnu, during Archana or offering of daily prayers to God. The rare perfumed camphor included with this edition is used at the Temple during rituals.
  • Sandal Paste (Chandanam): An important ingredient in most rituals, the Chandanam is applied to the deities at the Tirumala Temple in a ritual called Chandana Kapu. Devotees apply it on their foreheads after seeking the blessings of God.

Thus, the limited edition of Tirumala: Sacred Foods of God brings the experience of darshan to your home, besides giving you a beautiful Kalamkari painting of Lord Venkateshwara as its cover. It is a must-have for every devotee!

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