Tiffin500 Authentic Recipes: Celebrating India's Regional Cuisine

The journey of Tiffin begins in our own kitchen, between the pages of a family recipe book, and in childhood memories of how our grandmothers cooked. As we hold a magnifying glass over the lunch tiffins of our friends at school and later of our colleagues at work, dishes that deck our dining tables, and sophisticated amuse-bouches at progressive Indian restaurants, we experience the diversity of Indian cuisine.

When we set out to choose the recipes to include in Tiffin, we kept the varied produce, techniques, and culinary styles in mind. While each section is well represented in terms of what the six regions have
to offer, it is by no means exhaustive. How does one bottle up the goodness of such an old and diverse
cuisine in 500 recipes?

Indian cuisine has few overlapping flavours. With such a diverse topography—from snow-capped mountains to arid deserts, from beautiful coastlines to leafy tropical forests—the variety of ingredients here are unlike those in any other part of the world. They are different from one another, even within the country, and this is reflected in the way the cuisine changes as you move from one region to another.

So we did the next best thing and put in a flavourful blend of favourite Indian recipes (of course there is Butter Chicken) and several lesser known dishes by taking a leaf out of temple cuisine, street food, tribal recipes, and other dishes that you might not commonly find.

While the book has been divided regionally, the dishes are not to be savoured insularly. In fact, most
can be effortlessly paired with one another. When we have friends over for tea, we often daydream of
matching a Jabalpuri Chicken Samosa with Khasta Kachori from Madhya Pradesh, along with Vazaipoo
Vadais from Tamil Nadu and Kutchi Kadak toasts. And on Sundays, with brunch on our minds, we want
our tables laden with Bhojpuri Dum Aloo, Bengali Luchis, Rajasthani Gatte ki Sabzi, Chingri Cutlet,
Assamese chicken-and-banana-flower stir-fry, and Adhirasams from Tamil Nadu.

Tiffin celebrates the incredible richness of India’s regional cuisine and is an effort to create a repository of varied culinary traditions.

Edited by Sonal Ved, photography by Anshika Varma, and illustrations by Abhilasha Dewan, this is a must have for all Indian food connoisseurs.

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